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Electronic Piano 2.5
  Electronic Piano 2.5        - FREEWARE -

Electronic Piano 2.5 is a Freeware program that allows the user to play Musical Notes, Chords and Drums using the computer keyboard.

Although this is not a software for professional purposes, Electronic Piano 2.5 doesn't require knowledge of the MIDI technology, it takes up little disk space and it is very simple to install and use.

Main features :

Piano128 Musical Instruments (General MIDI Standard)

Drums47 Drums sounds

ChordsPlay 12 types of Chords by pressing a single key

GuitarChords can be played simulating the 6 strings of a Guitar

VoicesCombine the sound of up to 7 different Musical Instruments

FeaturesOctave and Volume selection for the melody and chords

LanguagesSupport to 3 languages : English, Spanish and Portuguese

SourceCodeIncludes a simplified version with Open SourceCode


Main screen :

Electronic Piano 2.5 main screen

Edit Guitar and Keyboard Chords screen :

Edit Guitar Chords screen Edit Keyboard Chords screen


Demonstration - Main Features:


Tutorial - How to play the Super Mario Bros theme:


Playing famous Soundtracks:


Playing Sound FX using SoundFonts:


  Download Electronic Piano 2.5 (Freeware)

Electronic Piano 2.5 is Freeware, which means that it can be freely copied and used without registration or any kind of fee.

Right-click the Link and choose "Save target as...". After the download, unzip the file "Electronic_Piano_2.5.zip" and run the "ElectronicPiano25" setup program

File size : 547 KB


Troubleshooting page for Electronic Piano 2.5   (Portuguese only - English soon)

  Information about the Author
MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional

Maurício Antunes Oliveira is a Software Developer and a Microsoft Certified Professional since 1999, and works as a Consultant in São Paulo (Brazil).

For suggestions, questions, aditional information or exchange of knowledge, send an e-mail to :

E-mail electronicpiano@pianoeletronico.com.br